Why your large-scale facility needs a workforce labour solution

Why your large-scale facility needs a workforce labour solution

The lifeblood of any business is its workforce. The people who manage and work in your facility hold all the knowledge and experience required for the operation of the business and to keep it running. However, sourcing workforce labour can also be your businesses’ greatest headache and biggest risk. The number of staff required at … Read more

Labour hire vs contractor: what’s the difference and how does KOTTEK work?

Labour hire vs contractor: what’s the difference and how does KOTTEK work?

When it comes to sourcing an external workforce labour solution, not all options are created equal. At KOTTEK, we provide premium industrial maintenance labour specialising in electrical and instrumentation technicians. However, we work differently to standard contractors and labour hire agencies and offer large-scale facilities the peace of mind when they need to replace staff … Read more

Why have a backup labour plan and procedures?

Electrical instrumentation technicians for labour hire in Melbourne Victoria Australia

Being prepared for any situation in your manufacturing plant should always be a priority—especially in relation to your workforce. People move, get sick or may not stay for various reasons—not all of which are within your control. By creating a backup labour or succession plan, you can minimise disruptions. Here are five reasons why it’s … Read more

5 compelling reasons to outsource your workforce

Electrical Instrumentation technicians and mechanical fitters available for labour hire at KOTTEK PTY LTD

Many large-scale manufacturers are considering whether to outsource their industrial maintenance work or hire new staff members. When done right, with the appropriate expertise in place for each job function, many benefits come from hiring contractors on a short- or long-term basis. Here are five compelling reasons to outsource your workforce. 1. Leave the planning … Read more

How to tell if a workforce provider is reputable

Electrical instrumentation technicians available for labour hire for petrochemical industries

Before doing business with an industrial maintenance workforce provider, it’s vital you have full trust in your chosen partner. Keeping these seven tips in mind can help you choose a reputable partner who will deliver a quality service. 1. Read client case studies/testimonials Before committing to any type of service agreement or contract with an … Read more