How to tell if a workforce provider is reputable

Before doing business with an industrial maintenance workforce provider, it’s vital you have full trust in your chosen partner. Keeping these seven tips in mind can help you choose a reputable partner who will deliver a quality service.

1. Read client case studies/testimonials

Before committing to any type of service agreement or contract with an industrial maintenance workforce provider, investigate their track record with clients. Read feedback from other clients via their website testimonials or online reviews. Many companies also publish client case studies, outlining how they’ve helped clients overcome key challenges to improve their business and realise their goals.

2. Review the company’s website

If the website looks unprofessional, poorly designed or out-of-date, then chances are the business is the same. A legitimate company should have an online presence and clear contact details, including a phone number and a physical location, clearly displayed.

3. Check their licensing and accreditations

Make sure the company holds all relevant licences, accreditations and other qualifications to carry out your required work safely and legally. Industrial maintenance workforce providers will need a labour hire licence and a contractor’s licence for contract work. Their electricians will also need A grade electrician licences. This information should be available on the company’s website and for their worker qualifications, on request.

4. Research their client list

A trusted industrial maintenance workforce provider will typically have long-term client relationships and a list of well-regarded clients. You can find this information via reviews, case studies or client logos on the company’s website or by requesting client names during your initial enquiry.

5. Ask about safety compliance

Before allowing workers onto your site, make sure your chosen workforce provider has thorough and up-to-date safety compliance policies and procedures. These may be downloadable via the company’s website or provided as part of your project proposal. If not, make sure you request copies.

6. Appraise the management team

Take the time to research the management team’s reputation and credentials via their website, LinkedIn, Google or word of mouth. Find out if they have the experience and qualifications to provide the specialist service you require. Some workforce providers have limited prior industry experience, which can hinder their ability to meet your specific needs.

7. Review their sales process

Look closely at an industrial maintenance workforce provider’s sales process before deciding to work with them. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, a reputable company will actively listen to your needs before outlining a customised, step-by-step solution to achieve your facility’s unique goals. Also, pay close attention to any terms and conditions in your contract before signing on the dotted line.

Most importantly, trust your instincts. If a company seems to be hiding something or preying on your emotions, then you should trust that feeling and look elsewhere for an industrial maintenance workforce provider you feel confident you can rely on.

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