Hexion Melbourne

Case study: Maintaining high safety standards at Hexion’s Melbourne facility for over 7 years

About Hexion

Hexion is a chemical company based in the United States, with approximately 34 production and manufacturing facilities around the world, including Australia. For over 100 years, Hexion has been advancing chemicals and performance materials through a broad range of thermoset technologies and speciality products. Hexion’s chemical manufacturing plant in Melbourne is a major hazardous facility that produces a variety of resins.

Project overview

With safety paramount at Hexion’s Melbourne facility, hiring capable contractors with the right attitude, skills and approaches to safety is crucial. Any safety issues and major incidents could cost Hexion millions of dollars and pose a risk to its operating licence.

After a decree to uphold the highest vision of safety for the company, and the subsequent removal of a former contractor in 2015, Hexion approached us as a contractor to fill these roles at short notice. They needed an electrical instrumentation and maintenance expert with the right certifications, someone with a can-do attitude who was familiar with the site and able to work seamlessly with their maintenance department. They require these workers to cover for after-hour callouts, planned and preventative maintenance and shutdowns.

Kottek was Hexion’s preferred partner, thanks to our ongoing relationship with their management team, who appreciated that we knew the site well and had a reputation for efficient, easy-to-work-with and proactive workers.


Authorised by Hexion’s vice president (VP), we started by speaking to Hexion’s maintenance managers about their needs. We created a plan for how we would meet their unique requirements and agreed on contract rates. With an in-depth understanding of the site’s maintenance requirements, the VP’s cultural requirements and the technical certification requirements, we were able to match Hexion with the best workers for their facility.

We now provide Hexion with two highly effective dual-trade electrical instrumentation technicians with a background in hazardous facilities with coverage and support 24/7.


Working with Kottek gives Hexion the peace of mind of having well-trained, productive and self-managing maintenance workers on site at their Melbourne facility.

Our workers have caused no safety issues during their 7+ years at Hexion and have attended to all breakdowns and call-outs efficiently. We have also provided Hexion with extra support for hazardous area rectification projects, many breakdowns, planned maintenance events and shutdowns scheduled up to twice a year – plus high-quality support and coverage when workers are on leave to ensure continuity of service and safety at the facility.

Do you need reliable electrical maintenance support for your Melbourne large manufacturing facility? Kottek’s experienced, qualified and reliable industrial maintenance workforce is here to help.