Industrial Maintenance Solutions

Maximise your facility’s safety and efficiency with our specialist maintenance services.

When you hire our electrical and instrumentation technicians, they can deliver these high-quality industrial maintenance solutions.

Automated systems

With automation systems operating tirelessly, our technicians can carry out maintenance, updates, changes, replacement of parts, perform optimisation and tuning tweaks. Our technicians can also make improvements to programmable logic controllers and distributed control systems. Often, this work takes the form of:

  • Installation or replacement of PLC/DCS systems, processors, or input/output cards
  • Installation of new input or output field devices and loop cables
  • Ladder logic backups
  • Program changes
  • Process optimisation/loop controller tuning for process efficiency
  • Fault finding to resolve breakdowns.
Programming PLC programmable logic controllers, and electrical instrumentation automation systems

Callouts and breakdowns

A breakdown is a serious situation when a production line stops working. A maintenance technician's timeliness in attending to a breakdown is crucial. This is often a high-pressure situation, especially when an industrial facility is under contract to deliver products on time. Our technician's role is to:

  • Tend to the breakdown in a timely manner
  • Fix the problem and safely get the production line equipment operational
  • Report on the situation found, root cause, work done and any other follow up required.
Electrical Instrumentation Fault Finding Callouts Breakdowns

Equipment procurement

Ensuring critical spare parts are readily available increases the reliability of production line output. Our technicians provide support with the following areas of inventory management:

  • Critical spare parts audits
  • Critical spare parts acquisition.
Electrical instrumentation spare parts are procured by KOTTEK PTY LTD as part of a maintenance contract

Hazardous area services

Our hazardous area services range from inspections to rectification work of Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA). These services are vital for an industrial facility to ensure EEHA can continue to operate safely in hazardous ‘zoned areas’ while meeting mandatory legal compliance requirements. Our services can cover:

  • Inspections: Detailed, close, visual, periodic, on-demand
  • Maintenance: Repair, calibration and Installation to AS/NZS60079
  • Motors
  • Valves
  • Solenoids
  • Position indicators
  • Lighting
  • Power outlets
  • Junction boxes
  • Instrument – switches
  • Instrument – transmitters.
Hazardous Area Equipment - Electrical & instrumentation on a gas booster compressor with reciprocating drive and high voltage electric motor

High voltage switching

High Voltage (HV) equipment needs to be routinely de-energised, isolated and locked out, or restored and made ready for service again. HV switching is one of the most systematic activities at an industrial facility for good reason. Therefore, this work should only take place by qualified, trusted, and authorised professionals. Our specialists can perform the following HV related activities in your facility:

  • Writing HV switching sheets
  • Performing HV switching operations
  • Coordination of multiple HV work parties
  • Issuing HV access, test permits, or work in vicinity
  • Providing statement of condition of apparatus/plant (SCAPS) to network authorities.
High voltage switching operations for Melbourne and regional Victoria Australia

Instrument calibrations

Our specialists will ensure the continued accuracy and reliability of critical instruments in your facility. These checks and adjustments are needed regularly to maintain the integrity of quality control systems, safety systems and environmental monitoring. They include:

  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Ultrasonic
  • Radar
  • Gas detectors
  • Gas analysers
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Flow
  • pH.
Instrument calibrations are carried out by instrumentation technicians on labour hire basis from KOTTEK PTY LTD

Instrument function testing

Regular checks are required on critical safety, quality and environmental automated systems at an industrial facility. These ensure the devices associated to a safety process or controlled process are consistently and reliably functioning as intended. Our contractors will check:

  • Control valves
  • Block valves
  • Solenoids
  • Actuators
  • Motor control circuits
  • Intrinsically safe barriers
  • mA control loops
  • Trip-amps
  • Pressure switches
  • Float switches
  • Tuning forks
  • Capacitive rods
  • 2 out of 3 voting systems.
Electrical Instrumentation Function Testing

Maintenance projects

Our technicians can manage a wide range of projects in your maintenance department. For example:

  • Electrical projects
  • Instrumentation projects
  • Automation projects
  • Electrical equipment for hazardous area projects
  • Bulk equipment rectification
  • Bulk replacement of equipment
  • Bulk installation of new equipment.
Electrical Instrumentation Maintenance Projects Variable speed drive

Mandatory compliance checks

Mandatory electrical installation testing and safety checks on instrumentation systems are required to ensure your industrial facility meets its legal compliance obligations.


  • Electrical installation testing
  • Earth continuity checks
  • RCD testing
  • Emergency exit light checks
  • Smoke detector checks
  • Thermographic camera checks
  • Test and tag
  • Battery checks
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply checks (UPS).


  • Cause and effect testing
  • Control measures
  • Safety critical
  • Environmental critical
  • Process important checks.
Mandatory compliance checks on electrical & instrumentation systems including hazardous area equipment inspections

On-call services

Having technicians dedicated to your industrial facility on a rotational on-call basis can reduce the potential of any downtime caused by breakdowns. We provide on-call services for our long-term labour-hire clients to increase the reliability of production output. These include:

  • Dedicated technicians
  • Rotating on-call rosters
On-call rosters are available when electrical instrumentation technicians are hired on a full-time labour hire basis

Preventative maintenance

This proactive approach ensures your production line’s reliability and efficiency, to achieve maximum production output. Examples include:

  • Maintaining and updating computer maintenance management systems
  • Routine equipment checks and inspections
  • Root cause analysis and improvement initiatives.
Electrical Instrumentation Preventative Maintenance Thermal Imaging

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