Worley Melbourne

Case study: Helping Worley’s plant run smoothly with reliable backup electrical instrumentation technical support

About Worley

Worley is a global provider of professional project and asset services in the energy, chemicals and resources sectors. They employ 48,000 of the world’s brightest minds in the industry, all working to deliver a more sustainable world. Worley’s Australian offices are committed to finding less energy-intensive ways of extracting minerals and powering the worldwide shift towards battery storage, electrification, microgrids, wind and solar power. They look after power stations and providing maintenance plus backup electricity for five major Melbourne hospitals, wind and solar farms.

Project overview

With their electrical instrumentation technician resigning unexpectedly at the start of 2016, Worley needed backup support at short notice until they could recruit a replacement. This role is essential for attending to breakdowns and carrying out planned maintenance work. Without it, Worley could have faced various risks such as penalties, reputational damage and safety issues for their hospital clients without full steam supply and electrical backup from the hospital co-generation systems.

They needed a qualified technician to work with their management system and follow vital safety requirements. Kottek was the natural partner of choice, thanks to our ongoing relationship with the management team. They regard us as trusted experts in our field, able to consistently perform the job to the highest standard when needed.


We met with Worley’s team to review the calibration requirements for their various client sites. Then, we created a detailed customer service plan outlining how we could respond to Worley’s unique needs, our insurance and safety policies and procedures and commercial agreement terms. Next, we carried out site induction and familiarisation to ensure that we were across all aspects of our role.


Since February 2016, we have provided technical expertise to Worley’s in-house maintenance team  members and extra labour for their planned monthly shutdowns. This high-quality support gives Worley the peace of mind that all maintenance work will be carried out efficiently and successfully.

We also provide skilled workers for call-outs and after-hours breakdowns plus temporary back-fill labour when Worley’s in-house technician is on leave, which increases reliability towards an uninterrupted client service.

Do you need reliable electrical maintenance support for your Melbourne large manufacturing facility? Kottek’s experienced, qualified and reliable industrial maintenance workforce is here to help.